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European project planning & designing. Practical Toolkit for the beginners in the field of European project management and networking!

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Feel invited to use the Toolkit on European project planning & designing!

The aim of this Toolkit is to support the beginners in the field of European project management and all the persons/organisations willing to cooperate and network on the European level.

This Toolkit is primarily dedicated to the members, workers, co-workers, volunteers, and the adult learners of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). We believe it may be also useful for any public and/or
private organisation; in general - a wide range of education – related organisations, institutions, and decision makers.

The Toolkit addresses the need for more practical examples, more case studies, material for further self-directed learning in the field of European projects initiation, designing, developing and realising.
It is designed as a practical and reusable resource for the practitioners in the field of European project management.

The Toolkit is divided into two parts:
1. Part 1, related to project planning and designing. The aim of the first part of the Toolkit is to guide you from a project idea to a successful proposal - already available.
2. Part 2, related to project coordinating, monitoring and evaluating, is aimed to support the successful implementation of the European projects that have been co-funded by the European Union - will be made available early autumn 2023.

The key chapters of the Toolkit, "Project planning and designing" answer the following questions:

1) How to define the project idea?

2) How to find and chose the proper EU grant programme to realise my project idea?

3) How to find and choose the project partners?

4) What is the project structure/framework?

5) What are the competences needed to realise/coordinate/manage European projects?

The material is available in a PDF version to download, in 6 languages: English - Italian - Hungarian - Portuguese - Polish

The material is also available in an on-line, ineteractive version, in 6 languages: English - Italian - Hungarian - Portuguese - Icelandic - Polish


The Toolkit was developed by the FIRST NETWORK members:
Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives (PL), COOSS Marche Onlus scpa (IT), Folk High School Association Surrounding Budapest (HU), Rightchallenge (PT), Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) In the frames of the EU NET project, co-financed by the European Union.


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