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SUMMARY of the FIRST Network activities realised in 2021 Featured

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At the end of 2021 The FIRST Network counts 11 member organisations from 7 countries of the European Union: Poland, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Portugal and Iceland.

The FIRST Network Members are:
- Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives (PL),
- COOSS Marche Onlus scpa (IT),
- EDUCULT - Institute of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management (AT),
- Folk High School Association Surrounding Budapest (HU),
- Simbiosofia Consulting and Training (IT),
- Rightchallenge (PT),
- Strangers Become Friends (AT),
- Carpathian Foundation – Hungary (HU),
- The NGO Network for International Project Work (DK),
- Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) (IS),

The Welcome meeting admitting the seven new members took part 28th of May 2021. One organisation - Interfolk (DK) decided to leave the Network.

In 2021 the Network members organised two virtual matchmaking seminars:
- MATCHMAKING around CULTURE/ARTS/HERITAGE that took place June 25th,
The events involved, apart from the FN members representatives, also representatives of the organisations not being the FN members – in total 43 participants from 10 EU countries.

Each event was followed by a short evaluation, which results give some ideas for the FN development.

There was also a project proposal designed by FAIE intended for the Erasmus+ programme call for proposals, where several FN organisations were invited to cooperation – and some decided to join. The initiative entitled "EUropean NETworking as a method for further training and exchange of ideas in the lifelong learning sector" (EU NET) was co-financed and would be realised by 28th months, beginning from February 2022. The main aim of the project is to support the European level networking of the Civil Society Organisations active in the lifelong learning sector. The intended project results are: Delivered Toolkit on European Project Management for the Civil Society Organisations active in the lifelong learning sector and delivered Recommendations for European Networking of the Civil Society Organizations active in the Lifelong Learning Sector, based on thorough researching the existing legal and organisational opportunities for the European Networks on the EU level. The FN Members involved are FAIE (PL), COOSS (IT), FHSASB (HU), Rightchallenge (PT) and HAC (IS).

Concerning management of the Network, the main initiative giving and planning body, the FIRST Network Council, currently counts 4 members, who are also the founding members of the Network: FAIE (PL), COOSS (IT), FHSASB (HU) and Educult (AT). The Council composition is to be widened in 2022.

The Statute of the FIRST Network.

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