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The paper “Development of Adult Education in Europe and in the Context of Knowles′ Study” offers a brief history of the development of adult education in Europe. It largely focuses on the origins of the contemporary definitions of adult education and the works of  Malcolm S. Knowles, one of the scholars who helped establish the field. Teaching adults is much different from teaching children, so it is important to establish strategies and theories for the field of adult education.

Taking the time to read texts that provide the theoretical foundation for the field one works in can be useful for creating a deeper understanding of the strategies and objectives that can be implemented. 

Read the full paper here.

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Friday, 05 March 2021 13:24

Open Research Europe

The European Commission has created a database for research results that are produced by Horizon 2020 projects. They accept publications from many subject areas including the humanities and arts as well as social sciences, which are checked and then published for peer-review. 

The research published through Open Research Europe is open for all to access, allowing the information gained through Horizon projects to have a wide reach.

Open Research Europe is currently accepting submissions and will publish its first articles in March 2021. 

Check it out here.

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The Mentoring Report is the main result of the fourth activity of 1st TIP-PM consortium: it is a collection of "Guidelines and scenario for implementation mentoring and e-mentoring systems supporting international cooperation initiation and developing in the 3rd sector adult learning organisations".

The general aim is to deliver ready-to-use mentoring programmes, both for the adult education organisations managers and first-time international project managers.

The Mentoring Report is now translated and available for the consultation and download in English and also in Austrian, Danish, English, Hungarian, Italian and Polish.

Feel free to read and dowload them!

English Austrian (in German) Danish Hungarian Italian Polish

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Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:25


keep.eu is a reliable source of data on INTERREG, INTERREG-IPA AND ENPI/ENI CROSS-BORDER


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The Partnership finalised the research stage of the project realisation. You may now learn the results of the international research in the fields of: success stories and challenges in the field of international projects realisation and the key competences for international projects managers active in the civil society organisations, adult education sector.

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