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Course 1: Planning & Designing the project.

1.1. Shortage Pyramid of successful cooperation among Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) [00:00:00 - 00:12:50)

1.2. Planning the project, part 1
[00:12:51 - 01:04:33]

  • Why and how can you start to work internationally?
  • How to prepare the development plan and project concept?



1.3. Designing the project, part 1 [01:01:35]

  • What aims and goals will the project realise?
  • What tasks/activities need to be realised?
  • How long and when will the project be realised?
  • How much would it cost?
  • What are the planned outputs and results?

1.4. Designing the project, part 2

  • How to measure project results?
  • What could influence the project?

Course 2: Coordinating & Running the project.

 2.2. Coordinating the project, part 2 [00:51:45]

  • The partners and the coordinator.
  • Coordinating teamwork.
  • Project management – project execution.
  • Team management.
  • Budget control.
  • Financial management.

Course 3: Monitoring & Evaluating the project.



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A good internal communication strategy is one of the keys to successful project management.
The network provides fundamental tools for both the organization and the exchange of information.

CLOUD and Intranet

  • is a web-based information network
  • for sharing internal information, documents, collaborative work on the same file, archiving
  • use of the intranet is limited to the specific organization while the cloud is open
  • act as a shared communication platform within the project team

Most popular:

Google Drive



Microsoft OneDrive



Here are many different virtual meeting platforms available that offer live streaming video, audio connection, sharing of slides, and many other visual matters.

Generally, all these tools are allowing us to:

  • audio or video call with many people
  • start video calls with screen sharing, in order to show the individual recipient, or the group, what is happening on their PC
  • having a chat
  • recording the conversation

The most used are:


Zoom Meeting

Google Meet


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