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Sunday, 06 September 2020 14:58

Report I: Successes and challenges…Why is it worth to read this report? What was surprising in the research results?

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Successes and challenges. Report I on international project management in the civil society sector of adult education.”

The publication summarises the results of the interrnational, open research, concerning successess and challenges in European projects management. The research was realised in Poland, Italy, Hungary, Denmark and Austria in the spring 2019. It consisted of on-line questionnaire and interviews. The research respondents were over 200 managers and management bodies members of the civil society organisations active in the field of lifelong learning. Please feel encouraged to read the report! Not convinced yet if worth reading? See the short films presented below!


Knowledge Pill 1: Successes and challenges... Why is it worth to read this report?

The transcript of the knowledge pill "Successes and challenges. Why is it worth to read..." in English.


Knowledge Pill 2: What surprised me in the research results?



The transcript of the knowledge pill "Successes and challenges. What surprised..." in English.

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