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The "First-time international projects realisers support network" project is concluded.

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The "First-time international projects realisers support network" (1stTIPPM) project was concluded in December 2020.

All the project resulta are available at this Portal as well as on the Erasmus+ Projects Results Platform.

The works of the 1stTIPPM Partners are continued twofolds:
1. Through the activities of the FIRST Network, founded in December 2020.
The FIRST Network is an international network of civil society organizations operating in the area of adult liberal education (lifelong learning). The Mission of the FIRST Network is strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and entities active in the adult education sector to operate in the international arena, enhancing innovativeness and the ability to adapt to changes in the modern world.

2. Through the complementary project, "Recommendations for international project managers competences recognition and validation for lifelong learning" (AER-V).


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