Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives, Poland (Applicant and Coordinator),

Fundacja Alternatywnych Inicjatyw Edukacyjnych (FAIE) is non-profit, non-governmental organisation, founded in 2011.

The main goal is adults Life Long Learning promoting - developing one’s own abilities, predispositions, interests - both in personal and professional life. Another goal is to promote and support vocational and personal development through culture and art (professional as well as un-professional). FAIE also promotes applying ecological solutions at work as well as in everyday life.

Relying on extensive experience of our people, since the beginning we support the Non-governmental organisations at planning, developing and realizing international projects, co-financed from external funds. We do believe, that international cooperation delivers the most of valuable inspiration. This is why we specialize in supporting international projects. We support at searching for partner/ partners, at project planning, at finding best financing opportunity – and finally – at the project realization. We work in the frame of closed training-and-advisory programmes as well as individually.

The other areas of activities are: empowering democracy and promoting civic and democratic activity and supporting the youth and youth workers as a part of the Eurodesk network.


Cooperativa Sociale COOSS MARCHE ONLUS scpa, Italy,

Social cooperative created in 1979, COOSS is a private not-for-profit organisation which provides care services, social services, training and educational actions in the Marche Region, Italy. It currently has approximately 2.900 members/employees.

Dedicated to the promotion of the individual, COOSS recognises that everyone has a basic right to a fair quality of life.

COOSS considers that every person is a unique individual. This expresses the maxim of the cooperative “YOU are at the heart of our Coossmo”, in the belief that the individual characteristics of every individual are a heritage that must be protected and promoted.

Recognised by the regional government, COOSS is also active in vocational education and training (VET), manages and develops VET (in both initial and further training), adult education actions and is active in national and international project management since 1993.


Folk High School Association Surrounding Budapest, Hungary,

Mission of the Folk High School Association Surrounding Budapest (FHSASB) is to contribute to the agricultural and rural development by new adult educational techniques based on the local knowledge and local activities.

Our goals are:

- to be present in the life of people living in villages and different settlements, and

- to be familiar with the problems of the small places as much as possible, as better solutions we can give, in order to mobilize different resources.

In order to reach the goals our activities are:

- Helping cultural education amongst rural people dealing with agriculture, establishing and developing the eagerness of self-education

- Discovering and enhancing the needs of the agricultural and rural development educational programmes based on local knowledge and local activities.

- Discovering and spreading new educational techniques in the undeveloped regions

- Promoting equal opportunity and social integration in the undeveloped regions

- Developing non-formal and informal adult education

- Promotion of self-subsistence forms of sharing economy and social cooperatives.


Interfolk, Institut for Civilsamfund, 

Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society  -  is a Danish non-profit and non-governmental association and private research institute, founded in 2008. Interfolk is a member of the Baltic Sea NGO Network Denmark; the International Platform for Citizen Participation (IPCP); and the European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities (AMATEO).

The aim is to promote humanistic and democratic learning capacities in a civil society context. The activities of Interfolk include research, surveys, development projects, courses, seminars, debate arrangements and other cultural activities - in a Danish, Nordic and European context.


EDUCULT - Institute of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management, Austria,

EDUCULT is an independent, non-profit research and project institute with a long expertise in the analysis, evaluation and assessment of Austrian and European educational and cultural policy.

Through research EDUCULT aspires to initiate discussion and raise new questions. Dialogue and international exchange are essential. Therefore, we include discussion-based methods and involve relevant stakeholders - if it is in Austria, Europe or even on other continents - into our work whenever applicable. Our inter-disciplinary competences and our international network of experts allow us to design tailor-made concepts.

Therefore, EDUCULT supports:

  • Arts and culture as driving forces for social development processes;
  • Cooperation between education, arts, culture and scientific institutions on the individual, institutional and political level;
  • Knowledge-exchange in the field of cultural education, cultural participation and access to culture between different levels and institutions;
  • Awareness-raising for the importance of cultural education and participation through public discussion and dissemination activities in an international environment.

These aims are reached by:

  • Methodological research, analysis and evaluation of projects, programmes and initiatives;
  • Service and consultation activities for the implementation and development of programmes;
  • Exchange and dissemination of research results;
  • Workshops and other further education offerings;
  • Participative projects in the field of arts and cultural education.

EDUCULT - Denken und Handeln in Kultur und Bildung

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