There will be two civil society organizations, in each of the five partner countries, invited to test the mentoring and e-mentoring process (10 organizations in total).

The aim of the mentoring will be to prepare and guide the first-time international project manager and the organization he / she is working for to realize its first international cooperation project.

The mentors will be experienced international project managers and management bodies members of the adult learning sector civil society organizations.

The mentoring process will be realized in the period: October 2019 - March 2020.

Participation in the mentoring process will be free of charge.

After finalizing the mentoring process, both the mentors and the mentees will be asked to evaluate the cooperation and give recommendations for possible improvements.

Ready-to-use mentoring programs, both for the adult education organization managers and first-time international project managers, will then be available at the SUPPORT PORTAL.

The mentoring and e-mentoring services will also be included in the offer of the 'International Support Network' dedicated to the first-time international project realisers.

Each mentoring provider in each partner country decides, if parcicipation in the trainings and mentoring process are interconnected, or not. 


Interested in taking part?

Contact the national project coordinators HERE.



In general, to take part in the national/international training courses and the mentoring process, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Being the member/worker/co-worker/educator/volunteers of the Third Sector adult education organisation (i.e. Civil Society Organisation, including informal groups, Non—governmental organisations and other non-profit organisations), such as:

- Associations and foundations;

- Folk High Schools;

- Third Age Universities;

- Adult Education Centres;

- Study Centres;

- Summer Universities;

- Evening Schools;

- Third Age Universities;

- Social Cooperatives;

- Sports Institutes etc.


2. Belonging to one of the two following groups:

A. Staff & members/volunteers/experts of the adult education organisations, who would like to undertake initiating and realizing international, partnership cooperation – as the first-time international project managers;

B. The managers and management bodies members (board members, councils members etc.) in the education organisations, that would like to initiate and run international cooperation.


There may be some additional recruitment criteria applied in the five partner countries, resulting from the national research results. For detailed recruitment criteria please check the national versions of this webpage:

Recruitment criteria in Poland you will find HERE

Recruitment criteria in Italy you will find HERE

Recruitment criteria in Hungary you will find HERE

Recruitment criteria in Denmark you will find HERE

Recruitment criteria in Austria you will find HERE