The “First-time international project realisers support network” is an international, Erasmus+ Programme supported development project, being realised by five civil society organisations from five European countries: Poland, Italy, Hungary, Denmark and Austria. The project is being realised in the period: October 2018 – September 2020 (24 months).

The main challenge the project addresses is relatively low degree of international, partnership cooperation and networking between the civil society organisations (associations, foundations, social cooperatives etc.) providing adult education in the EU member states, resulting in lower than possible level of innovativeness of those organisations.

The main target group of the project activities are adult education sector representatives of the 3rd sector, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs): associations, foundations, third age universities, folk universities, social cooperatives, social enterprises etc. – interested in initiating and realising international cooperation in their fields of activities. The project offer will be addressed to the CSOs workers, co-workers, managers and volunteers, and especially – to the 1st time international project managers.

The project idea is to design and deliver sustainable support for the 1st time international project managers and the civil society organisations active in the life-long learning sector planning to incorporate international cooperation into their development strategies.

The aim is to support increasing innovativeness of the adult education organisations, in terms of education methodology, outreach to adult learners and managing adult education organisations, through supporting them at undertaking new ways and areas of activities.

In more detail, the objectives are:

1. To increase competences of the managers and educators to initiate, develop and realize international cooperation projects aiming to enhance inclusion, diversity, equality and
non-discrimination in the adult education sector.

2. To support the adult education providers’ capacity to engage in international, European cooperation, by developing sustainable training programmes & mentoring systems for the managers and educators.

3. To ensure long-term support for adult education providers to create new international partnerships as well as to initiate international projects by delivering a sustainable Support Portal & an International Support Network.

To achieve this, the project partners will realise:

  • International survey in order to identify good practices & success stories at supporting international projects managers in the civil society’s adult education organisations and the key competences of international project managers in the civil society’s adult education organisations. Read the research reports HERE.

  • A‘SUPPORT PORTAL’, gathering relevant information and guidelines enhancing international cooperation of the 3rd sector adult organizations, dedicated to the first time international projects realisers. Feel invited to use the Portal HERE.

  • A mentoring and e-mentoring system dedicated to the first-time international project realisers. Learn more HERE.

  • New training course curricula and open educational resources for the first time inter-national projects realisers, including national and international pilot trainings. Learn more HERE.

  • A new International Support Network for the first time international projects realisers. Learn more HERE.


The partnership circle includes five civil society organisations from five European countries – three Non-governmental organisations and two Research Institutes - providing life-long learning:

- Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives, Poland (Applicant and Coordinator),

- Cooperativa Sociale COOSS MARCHE ONLUS scpa, Italy,

- Folk High School Association Surrounding Budapest, Hungary,
(And the Hungarian Folk High Schools Society, Hungary, on the first stage of the project realisation

- Interfolk, Institut for Civilsamfund, Denmark,

- EDUCULT - Institute of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management, Austria,


This strategic partnership, development of innovation cooperation has been supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.